Restoring Stability

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  1. Income less than 115% Area Median Income (Family of four = $70,725) 
  2. Less than three months mortgage payments available as liquid assets (not including retirement)
  3. Owe less than $432,500 on first mortgage
  4. Hardship is based on involuntary loss of income
  5. Homeowner does not have to be behind on mortgage or in foreclosure for assistance.
  6. Home must be owner‐occupied with 1‐4 units
  7. Mortgage closed prior to 1/1/09
How to Apply
  1. Log on to An email address is required. THIS IS THE BEST and FASTEST METHOD
  2. Contact 888.995.HOPE (Applicant will likely be referred back to the website)
  3. Go directly to an approved agency, including the Fair Housing Center
  1. An action plan is created with a counselor at an approved agency
  2. The Ohio Housing Finance Agency will determine eligibility for the program and determine the best
program for the homeowner
  1. Rescue Payment Assistance
  1. Brings delinquent mortgage current
  • Partial Mortgage Payment Assistance
  1. Assists with partial mortgage payments for up to 15 months
  • Modification Assistance with Principle Reduction
  1. The lender agrees to reduce the principle on the loan and this amount is matched by the state
  • Transition Assistance
  1. When the borrower cannot afford to remain in the home, money is provided to help with finding
new living arrangements.  

Restoring Stability guidelines state that homeowners must be screened for Making Home Affordable
(see for information) in connection with this program. Restoring Stability
and Making Home Affordable can be used in conjunction for maximum benefit and affordability for the

There is NEVER a cost to apply for any program listed on this sheet. You should never pay for assistance
with a loan modification. Visit for more information.    419.243.6163   432 N. Superior   Toledo, OH 43604