Volunteers Needed!

Do You Know That You Can Be A Big Part Of The Successful Execution Of The Monthly Toledo REIA Meeting?

We need volunteers in the following areas on an ongoing basis:

  1. Selling pizza and snacks.
  2. Assisting business partners in setting up their displays.
  3. Selling REIA merchandise at the REIA Store.
  4. Handing out Member’s Benefit Lists.
  5. Snapping photos of happy attendees, speakers and the crowd.
  6. Assisting at the treasurer’s table.
  7. Assisting at the visitor’s table.
  8. Setting up the audio, video and computer equipment.
  9. Setting up the meeting signs.
  10. Handling the microphones during interactive sessions.
  11. Setting up speaker’s table.
  12. Selling 50/50 tickets.
  13. Helping to get the Buy/Sell/Trade clipboard filled out.
  14. Unloading equipment from cars.

Volunteering is easy.  Just show up at the meeting at 1800 hrs (6 pm) and see a Board Member.  They’re the folks with the gold name tags.  They’ll put you to work!

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